Disability Impact Fund pursues investments where we can use our capabilities to help mission-driven companies scale and create meaningful impact in the disability sector. We look for companies that will benefit from the value Disability Impact Fund can provide in generating business and impact growth through debt financing and management guidance.

The Disability Impact Fund team has deep industry, sector and impact experience, which enables us to identify and diligence a wide range of opportunities.

We invest in mission-driven teams who leverage new technologies and innovative approaches to drive scalable business models that create sustainable impact for millions of persons with disabilities.

Our approach follows five major steps:

step one1. Conduct systems and market opportunity analysis

step two2. Identify investment targets

step three3. Invest grants, debt and equity

step four4. Provide technical assistance

step five5. Scale investments

We measure our impact with a disability-specific framework

Our custom impact measurement framework is harmonized with Iris metrics, and measures progress against relevant sustainable development goals.

We prioritize impact towards:

  • Goal 4: Ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education for all persons with disabilities
  • Goal 8: Promoting full and productive employment and decent work for persons with disabilities
  • Goal 10: Emphasizing the social, economic and political inclusion of persons with disabilities
  • Goal 11: Making cities and human settlements inclusive and sustainable for persons with disabilities

We benchmark our performance both at the individual investment and portfolio level to inform future strategies.


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