Work is an important part of people’s lives. It means more than just getting paid. It means being able to make your own choices about how you want to live your life.

  • The employment rate for persons with disabilities (36%) is only half that of persons without disability (75%) (UN Disability and Development report, 2018).

  • Social exclusion of persons with disabilities from the workplace deprives societies of an estimated US $ 1.37 to 1.94 trillion in annual loss in GDP (Metts ,2000) and it deprives millions of people from experiencing dignity and social cohesion.

  • As a result, we prioritize investments in technology driven and platform models with high potential for scale and sustainability.

We focus on three types of scalable companies facilitating employment:


Companies that employ persons with disabilities.


Those providing placement services / consulting for companies looking to employ persons with disabilities.


Those providing vocational training proven to lead to employment.

employment illustration

Globally the employment rate for persons with disabilities is estimated to be only 36%